Damaris Drewry, Ph.D.  

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This is only a partial list of issues

Do you have any of the following? If so you may be able to reduce or eliminate your symptoms.

  • Sleep Apnea - Get Rid of It
  • Insomnia patterns
  • Repeating Relationship Patterns
  • Painful Relationship Ending
  • Chemical Sensitivities
  • Allergies to Pets, Pollen and People
  • Emotional Eating
  • Childhood Abuse
  • Self-Esteem Issues
  • Confidence Issues
  • Migraine headaches
  • Asthma
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
Dr. Damaris Drewry helps clients resolve symptoms of difficult or long-standing  physical or emotional issues in 4 sessions or less. She literally helps people get their lives back.

All sessions are integrative - addressing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of any issue you may have.

She is expert at inventing fast-track, solution-focused alternatives to traditional psychotherapy specific to YOU.

If you are ready for a quantum leap in personal growth and healing... call to arrange a phone consultation.  20 minutes = $22 via paypal invoice

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"I cannot state strongly enough how much my work with Dr. Drewry helped me. After experiencing a traumatizing event at work and doing all that I could with traditional psychotherapy, Dr. Drewry was recommended by my physician.  She helped me get through the pain and heal quickly using her unique way that connects mind and body. 

Her methods are truly amazing, and on top of that, they're easy to maintain and keep going. I recommend her and the work whole-heartedly. 

"Life-changing" and "life-saving" are not overstating this work and its effectiveness. Thank you, Dr. Drewry.

Did you hear that I was named one of People magazine's Teachers of the Year?  
                  --------   A. A.  "Marty" in Tucson
I got results from your Beyond Talk Therapy™ approach from the first session, and am absolutely thrilled with my new life. A whole new world has just opened up for me! I have gone many places I haven't gone in years without wearing a mask over my mouth and nose; and I have been just fine! When I encounter a toxin I just can't handle I have tools to deal with it. Thank you again for your wonderful assistance in my road to recovery!

Tia Atallah, Phoenix AZ
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I just wanted you to know that after 5 years of feeling unable to let go of a painful relationship ending, the shackles are off and I am eternally grateful for your professional expertise. I know now the answer I needed to let go  of a painful relationship ending entirely!  

Judy Lee, LCSW
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"I was under a lot of pressure and stress from an investment my husband and I had made. 
Our life savings and future earnings were put in jeapardy because of fraud. I had trouble sleeping, relaxing or enjoying myself. 

I would waken after 2-4 hours sleep with a horrible feeling of fear which I couldn't understand. So I had an hour and a half with Dr. Drewry which helped me understand where the fear was coming from which then allowed me to sleep and relax. 

I would highly reccommend a session with Damaris to allow joy and lack of worry back into your life." by Elaine Christie, R. N.
If you still have an emotional charge on a past event,
it is still running your life and
affecting your future.
"The Therapists' Therapist"
 Are you looking for effective, creative alternatives to traditional psychotherapy?

Beyond Talk Therapy™... is a world 
where energetic healing modalities can resolve even the most difficult or long-standing physical and emotional issues.

You can get extraordinary results in 2-4 sessions over the phone or via SKYPE.